Samsung Note 10 Plus Echo Tempered Glass Case

Samsung Note 10 Plus Echo Tempered Glass Case
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Samsung Note 10 Plus Echo Tempered Glass Cases & Covers
ESR designed Samsung Note 10 Plus  Echo Tempered Glass Cases & Covers give you style, phone protection and originality in one product. You will be amazed to see the composition of these 9H tempered glass cases on how technically they are designed. Echo Tempered Glass Cases & Covers are most awaited collection because of few attractive features.

  • 9H Tempered Glass Back: Diamond scratches at 10H and our case back is the closet to it.
  • Soft Case Borders: Soft borders will keep you worry free from your phone getting scratches from sides and at the same time provide you a firm grip even when your hands are wet.
  • Raised camera edges: This addition to design completes the overall protection to your phones camera. 
  • Maintains the original phone look: Enjoy aesthetics and mirror look of your phone in the most premium way.
  • Glass dotted pattern: Keeps the moisture away from phone in changing temperatures.
  • Long lasting scratch resistance and heat resistance frame: High coating protects your phone from daily tear and wear as well as heat generated from your phone.
  • Air guard and user friendly corners: We filled the case corners with air so it can absorb any force that comes from a sudden fall. 

These cases are designed with transparent theme but modern lining and patterns design are good enough for long term phone grace. All these stylish and protected features of these cases cannot compromise the original look of your phone. 

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